Hayground teachers seek various ways to bring music into their classrooms and programs.  Teachers make a habit of playing different selections of music in their classrooms as background music, they may bring in skilled musicians to enhance their program of study and they may directly implement a study of music as part of their programs.  Some programs have included African drumming, a Samba band, capoeira, and a rock band.

Several of our visiting artists - Tiye Giraud, Hawk Henries and Bruce Wolosoff -  bring a different perspective to our music program.  Tiye Giraud is a vocalist, percussionist and composer who often introduces the students to different musical cultures, such as New Orleans jazz and African shekere.  Hawk Henries is a Native American storyteller, who makes and plays flutes and didgeridoos with small groups of students.  Bruce Wolosoff is a composer who initiated the Hayground Creative Orchestra.  Much more information can be found about these visiting artists on the Visiting Artists link.