Welcome to the Hayground Forum!

In keeping with the philosophy of Hayground School, the Hayground Forum is created in the spirit of exploring issues in the deepest sense. Hayground School has been an educational leader for a wide spectrum of East End Children and the Hayground Forum intends to broaden the reach of Hayground's work to benefit the community at large.

Finally, this long time dream of founders Jon Snow, Director of Admissions and Community Relations for Hayground School, and Arjun Achuthan, Director of Hayground's Culinary Arts Program, has become a reality. Join us as we explore a wide variety of topics that are of interest to our East End Community from the latest pressing educational practices to the environment, the arts, the economy and so much more.

The Hayground Forum's mission is to provide the community with educational, entertaining and thoughtful experiences. Come grow with us...