Daily Life

we expect the students to be doing the following things every day:

  • Participating in sustained conversations
  • Writing, Reading
  • Working with numbers
  • Making things
  • Investigating
  • Thinking About Aesthetics
  • Collaborating
  • Thinking about and from a multiplicity of perspectives
  • Learning Self Reliance
  • Playing

the way it works

We avoid prescribed classroom curriculum, believing that children and teachers must delve into the questions and subjects most compelling to them. The teachers are guided by a set of criteria for their classrooms, and a set of goals for each child. This frees them to be rigorous and creative, while still holding to a common set of goals, insuring cohesion and continuity.

the schedule

The schedule is simple. Hayground children spend more time than usual in their classrooms, reading, writing, computing, conducting experiments and building things.

The program of each classroom differs depending on the interests and abilities of students and teachers. Instead of 'specials', we bring in experts in various disciplines for intensive residencies.

great teachers

Great teachers make a great school. Hayground teachers are scholars and intellectuals. They are as knowledgeable and passionate about their favorite subjects as they are about teaching. Every teacher at Hayground knows and cares about every student in the school. By the end of each year, every student knows and trusts these relationships.

questions and goals

Teachers meet every Friday afternoon to share their work, and to ask themselves these questions:

  1. Are the students learning about things that are important?
  2. Are they seriously engaged with interesting, rich and complex material?
  3. Are they learning to think rigorously and adventurously?
  4. Are our children literate in the deep, not shallow, sense of the word?
  5. Are they developing habits of self-restraint?
  6. Are our students learning to build community?
  7. Are our children learning to become responsible citizens, capable of thoughtful action?