Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts Program at Hayground serves students and the larger community through several avenues.  Students and teachers cull from the campus’ two vegetable gardens, greenhouse and chicken coop.  The school’s kitchen classroom, Jeff’s Kitchen was built in memory of one of Hayground’s founders, Jeff Salaway.  It includes a full, state of the art professional kitchen, classroom, meeting space, and herb garden.

In the daily life of the school the “kitchen work groups” spend mornings and afternoons work with their teacher planning, budgeting and cooking meals.  There is a focus on using foods grown and harvested locally and in season.  The student chefs are constantly developing an understanding of what food groups are needed to make a balanced meal and making connections with what they grow, cull, prepare and eat.  Teachers of other classes often make use of the beautiful kitchen classroom for individual projects.

Through the “Young Chefs Program” talented chefs from the local East End food community have graciously mentored students in Jeff’s Kitchen.  This innovative program for kids, designed by executive chef Joseph Realmuto of Nick and Toni’s, is a realization of a dream of Jeff Salaway.  Jeff’s dream of bringing together kids, chefs, and food in the spirit of community has been realized with great success.  The students benefit from the passion and generosity of local East End chefs.  After participating in cooking workshops over the winter, the students go on to assist in preparing a dessert at Hayground School’s “Great Chefs Dinner.”